The Tale of an Ox

A short story that has helped me cope with life and that I hope will be some use to others.

Elephants marching together

Having discovered that the technical term for taming elephants is “elephant crushing”, I’ll think twice before booking a ride…

A Santa for Spring

So why do rabbits bring eggs? Thanks to canny 16th Century German Lutheran parents, keen to keep kids sweet in the long wait for Santa’s sled…

Love toucans

Toucans tangoing on a wire. Inspired by Turner Prize Winner’s upcoming Tate exhibition

Tentacular affection

Octopuses live just 3-5 years, which means their idea of romance is a quick handshake…

Every seal is a born yogi

Seals are natural masters of breathing. Maybe a little bit of yoga might help us to dive a little deeper and catch more fish…

Free Willy wifi

Whales have been snapchatting for 30 million years longer than humans. And they do it in 3D

Flamingos are what they eat

Flamingos are pink because they eat pink food. I’d like to feast mine on carrots and own the world’s first ginger flamingo..