Free Willy wifi

Whales and dolphins can communicate via “auditory images” that replicate sonar messages they receive. According to  Michigan State University,

“A whale wishing to convey the image of a fish to another whale can literally send the image of a fish to the other animal. The equivalent of this in humans would be the ability to create instantaneous holographic pictures to convey images to other people.”

Lori Marino, a neurobiologist who helped co-write “The Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans,” finds the limbic system of whales more complex than our own –  “so large it erupts into the cortex in the form of an extra paralimbic lobe.”

Whales and dolphins also have more spindle neurons than we do, meaning they may be better at “recognizing, remembering, reasoning, communicating, perceiving, adapting to change, problem solving and understanding.”

But there are fewer and fewer to study now, as climate change upsets their food-chain and reproductive cycles. Be a shame to lose creatures before we’ve even begun to understand their genius.

If we can keep them and the planet alive for long enough, we might even get our technology up to their speed and speak to them!


For those that are under thirty – ‘Free Willy’ was a film about rescuing an orca killer whale from a maritime themepark

Read the report from the  WWF about endangered North Atlantic right whales

Buy a print or card on my Etsy site and proceeds will go to the WWF, realise it’s a drop in the ocean but that’s what the ocean’s made of..


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