End of the line?

Rescue centres such as the one at the International Animal Rescue facility in Ketapang,Borneo, pictured below, reported a huge influx of orphan orangutang as a result of the fires in 2015. Caretakers took wheelbarrows of one an two-year-old Bornean orangutang to play in the forest and learn some of the basic skills of survival. Their chances of ever living wild again are remote – of the thousands of rescued orphans, only a small proportion have ever been released success.

Cropped Geo

[Photograph by Tim LemanĀ  – Wildlife Photographer of the year 2015]

This year saw a return to the fires and devastation in their natural habitat

This drawing is for sale as a Greetings card and will soon be available as a T-Shirt.

All proceeds will go to the Animal Rescue Facility to support it’s efforts as fires and de-forestation become more and more regular occurrence.

Please contact me at gabriellaalexander@gmail.com to make a purchase.

Orangutan original



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