Elephants marching together

Elephant rides were on my travel bucket list, until I read these stats:

  • 75% of captive adult elephants used for tourist entertainment have been stolen from the wild. Captive breeding too fuels the illegal wildlife trade by boosting demand
  • Up to 3 protective females may be killed for every calf stolen by poachers to sell into tourism

See how and why we should make More Space for Giants 

Find out about Ethical elephant sanctuaries that avoid the common process of Elephant Crushing

Buy card(s) or print(s)

Please email me at


Dimensions and pricing:

105 x 148mm | 340gsm paper weight + white envelope

£3:50 including postage (UK)

A4 Print – 280 gsm watercolour standard

£20 including postage (UK)

(10% proceeds go to the More Space for Giants project and the site address on the back)

Elephants etsy

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